Yes I’m aware that I posted this picture twice but that’s because we wanted to eat it twice! The lovely texture of the tasty seitan in a lovely well flavoured crispy coating, with mayo, sriracha and BBQ sauce. A lovely dense bun, fresh crispy lettuce and a beautiful no a BEAUTIFUL slice of seitan bacon streaky might I add!

We’ve all heard the news that Temple of Seitan will be opening up a Brick & mortar actual vegan chicken shop. I know if sounds crazy just saying it right! In mid January Temple of Seitan will be opening up London’s first all vegan fried chicken shop in East London and it’s so needed. Takes a break from typing to wait for all the ‘That’s not healthy crew to chime in’ finished? Good ok lets carry on. Not only will they be selling chicken strip buns & popcorn chicken there will be an assortment of your typical chicken shop wares just vegan style. The moment you get an opportunity to try theses badboys please get involved. Your tastebuds will thank you!
So I tried to get loads of quality photos on the day but when you’re travelling with a camera bigger then your face and your child decides that he wants to eat everything it gets emotional. By the time we got round to the ladies at The Peanut Butter Bakery it had got to Homer and Bart levels of throttlation (yes I made that up but it fits). We had just returned inside after fighting over the bacon from TOS. I was sad to see the doughnuts almost finished….then I became estactic to see a fresh batch being made right before my eyes. If you’ve been to a doughnut shop as they’re making a fresh batch then you will understand that its comparable to the birth of a newborn healthy child *holds doughnut up in the air with both hands & sings that Lion King song*!
On the day there were vanilla, winter berry, gingerbread latte, caramel choc sprinkle and maple pecan and are always bringing out new flavours so you do have to go a few times for research purposes. 

We visited Pomodoro E Basilico because Sara can just cook like WOW! Some people learn how to cook some people just have that special touch! I love being able to go to a food place knowing that whatever I choose will taste good and made with love!

As soon as the boiler house reopens in the new year & when TOS opens their new store you need to go and try everything. You’ll end up singing vegan food love songs!


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  1. March 12, 2017 / 3:33 pm

    Vegan is the NEW BLACK! 😉

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