30 *cough cough* Something occasionally yummy mummy who loves a good bargain, loves food and people. I went¬†vegan after many failed attempts in August 2015 and never looked back. I blog dyslexically….is that even a real word….? I blog mainly about food but touch on many different areas which you’ll know if you read my IG captions.

I’m a British born Londoner with my family coming from Jamaica, Antigua and wherever else they’ve travelled. My influences food wise is ¬†initially Caribbean and then whatever taste nice & looks good. The wages from my first job were ALL spent buying food and ingredients in China Town. I love all foods but funny textures make me go urgh and gnocchi for some reason makes me feel physically sick…I really don’t know why.

I document my many meals, snacks and wonderful finds on Instagram, YouTube and here on my humble blog as well as anything else that catches my attention. I share loads of recipes videos which are basically filming my escapades in the kitchen and sharing them with you for inspiration, help or just guidance. I don’t tend to stick to recipes or make things the same way. I’m not trying to cook ‘the right way’ but my way. I’m just here to share my passion, educate and make it easier for people to try out and stay vegan. I honestly believe in the world of cooking that there isn’t really anything new just new and different ways of doing old things. I draw influence from everywhere (however, no one likes stalker like copycats so keep it original and with your own flair)!

Sorry I was playing with you I will update this space when I find something interesting and mildly witty to share. Oh and the rugrat I so lovingly refer to is my son who amuses me no end and lives to harass me in the most spectacular manner because he can, loves it and finds himself hilarious….which I do to!

Ta ta for now

Esme aka London (My town) Afro (My hair) Vegan (My Everything lol I jest my son is)