Hey guys I was contacted by Raphael from Dapaah chocolates who kindly offered to send me a few samples of his luxury vegan chocolates. You know he had me at chocolate right! Fast forward a few weeks…with a combination of my PO Box provider occasionally telling me I’ve got mail and me not remembering to check my PO box I was delighted to find that I had been sent 3 samples of chocolate a dark, milk and white chocolate.

Now with vegan chocolate you tend to find that it fits into a few different boxes. First one being it taste amazing I’m talking like even better then it’s cow milk including counterpart but it cost a mortgage which is a fair enough trade off. The second being it just taste of sugar with the texture of solidified fat! The third being it just taste so mediocre and like plastic that you end up throwing it to your pet who in turn reports you to the RSPCA, packs it’s bags and leaves you for a  more caring owner!

This is no mukbang so I’m really not going to film me eating them but I will tell you exactly what I think.

Dark Chocolate: Ok so I tried the first piece *Insert pause for effect*. So at this point I done that look where I’m like ‘What is this?’ Ok don’t laugh I then googled ‘How to taste chocolate?’ I’m guessing you realise at this point that I loved the dark chocolate and wanted to give the others a good chance of being as nice. It had lil flecks of crunch (I think it was cacao nibs). Tiny little ones so every time you tasted one it was like ooooh what’s this as it crunched lightly then melted away to just the rich deep taste of dark rich smooth chocolate.

Milk Chocolate: You can taste the coconut milk running through this, however, it’s not overpowering. It’s sweet and melts like a dream. Just right.

White Chocolate: This one was going to be the deal breaker for me. All vegan white chocolate I’ve tried has been horrendoulsy sweet or just an oil slick. This was sweet…check….but it tasted pretty darn amazing. It melted away on the tongue with a lovely smoothness, leaving behind a lil trail of coconutiness (I do not care if it’s not a word my dyslexia gives the artistic freedom to make up words that work for me).

Ok this was meant to be a little piece on the chocolate so kindly gifted to me but of course I had to go on a tangent. I’m sorry but the love affair with food is real! So my thoughts…HURRY UP AND BUY! Also check out the Dapaah IG (linked below) as they’ve loads of brilliant combinations that I just have to try. I saw a chin chin chocolate bar! YES CHIN CHIN! I see a bright future for my relationship with this brand of chocolate and it has already won a place on my favourites list! Dapaah are currently taking bespoke orders for events/special occasions and can be contacted at

Hold up you thought I was finished didn’t you? Nope, no not yet! I haven’t told you the best bit about Dapaah chocolates. Dapaah is run by Raphael, Kwaku & Afia Dapaah who’s grandmother has a cocoa farm back in Ghana. I borrowed this snippet from their IG account

We can’t wait for the day we are able to build our chocolate factory right here, creating jobs and opportunities for the locals

And as it’s said it’s done! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this inspiring company and it’s delicious products. Keep a look out for them in 2018 when you’ll be hearing/tasting a lot more from them!

Dapaah Chocolates IG

Dapaah Chocolates TW


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