Hey guys I was invited by the lovely Danae yummy mummy of two, wife of one and owner of Cookie and Biscuit the vegan supper club, vegan bakery, catering, private event vegan food making boss lady! Yes that was a mouthful but when you see the work that goes on behind the scenes then you really have to take your hat off and salute the hard work, dedication and love that these plates of food represent.

I’ve not been to many supper clubs you know childcare, occasional un-richness or just life but I was so glad I attended this one. It was informal and attended by people from all walks of life that got together watched a hilarious film called Office Space and had a right old chuckle. There was popcorn and crisps with sparkling and plain water on tap (am I the only person who feels posh when drinking bubbly water). It was a BYOB ¬†which is fantastic as this is what can sometimes bump up the price and make an affordable fun evening a little less affordable. Plus bonus you can bring exactly what you want and not end up paying for some funny vinegar tasting wine.

We had the nicest sweet potato chilli burgers. When I saw the menu I expected the usual stick to your mouth generic veggie burger (no shade but you know what I mean). So when the burger came out I was like ‘hmmm this taste bloody delicious!’ It was also so refreshing to have something a little different and so inspiring too. It was served with a mixed medley of chips made from beetroot, carrot etc (yes I can’t remember if it was also potato or parsnip or both so tried to style it out with the ‘etc’). Ok so the burger was so nice and I loved it BUT THE BROWNIE AND ICE-CREAM…..sorry more shouty text to follow IT WAS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It was gluten free which I’ve found with some brownies has meant that they were bland, dry and kind of stuck to the roof of your mouth in an offensive manner. Not these badboys! They were sweet but not too much so, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle they were just perfect and left me sad when I realised I had finished the bowl.

So moral of the post if you’ve not been to any supper clubs or just want to try a new experience, lovely food, a great atmosphere definitely check out Danae and go to one of her events. Oh are you ready for the ‘drops mic’ ending to this blogpost….YOU CAN ORDER THE BROWNIES ONLINE HERE. Hope your having a great day wherever you are or whenever you read this. Thanks for reading ciao *Drops Mic*



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