What can I say about Eat Chay  except for the fact that they make the most amazing modern fusion vegan Vietnamese vegan street food. Oh my goodness that was a mouth full! I like people to go and try everything that I recommend and tell me what they think.

Before you go off and try it let me tell you now that it is some of the most delicious well flavoured vegan street food that I’ve tired. I was so surprised at the texture and taste of the blackbean patties that I was a little taken back and had to do that double look to make sure I wasn’t eating something meat like. It just had a beautiful texture and taste and I still can’t quite work out how they done it.

Wash that down with a beautiful Vietnamese iced tea which is made from 4 simple ingredients with no added nasties or addictive and you’re in foodie heaven. They’ve got the perfect balance of flavour, lightness of ingredients that has you feeling well fed without that heavy stodgy feeling. You can check them out every weekend at the Boiler House Brick Lane and other events. However, do make sure that you check their page before going down as they often cover over events. Have you been there yet?

Eat Chay Supper Club 14 June 2017 


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