If I could then I would shop in Marks & Spencer a lot more. Whilst M&S has started to provide a few more free from products called “Made Without’ they still have a long way to go in catching up with the other supermarkets that have come on leaps & bounds recently. Yes Sainsbury’s & Morrisons I’m talking to you!

Anyhoot I thought I would show you a few of the bits I got which my¬†pups (dad) kindly brought for me as he was doing a shop. Yes when he said he’d pay I sprinted around the store & grabbed a few more bits Supermarket Sweep style (yes I’m showing my age). Makes a nice change from me shaking my Aldi & Lidl hauls at you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 13.34.53



I tend to grab this as and when I see it as it’s not always in my regular shopping haunts. It has a really nice crisp texture and salty taste I usually have it after lightly steaming it and adding it to ackee (Some of my ackee meals) in the place of saltfish in a well know Caribbean dish of ackee & saltfish. After posting a picture of it on IG I got quite a few ideas for other meals from the lovely folk I follow of what else I can make with it. So keep your eyes peeled.



I have a love/hate…well mostly hate relationship with yoghurt even in my pre-vegan days. I’d rather eat custard…actually I’d rather eat custard & cake. I will buy Alpro plain or at a push vanilla yoghurt to use with other things. I love making vegan raita or using the flavoured one in the place of custard when I want to be a bit more healthy. It’s also pretty decent with museli/granola. Ok maybe it’s not so much of a hate relationship. So I thought I’d try this yoghurt from M&S and it’s lovely but…I’m just not a yoghurt person. Have you tried it? Did you like it?



I saw it, never tried it, read that it was fruit and brought it. Will let you know how that one goes on IG.


I cannot tell you why I brought this. I’m not a coffee drinker. I’ve probably had 2 cups in the last 5 years or so….and both of those cups were in the last few weeks. I love LOVE L.O.V.E the smell of coffee and will happily sit there and take in the aromas of a good brew (I don’t actually know good coffee from bad). However, I just really fancied a cup recently and really enjoyed it! That said I’m a lightweight and get all buzzy if I drink coffee or redbull (I no longer drink redouble the stuff just isn’t right). So whilst I’ve found a new love for coffee I’m going to treat it like alcohol little and not often. That way I get to enjoy a lil treat without bouncing off the walls!

That’s all for now folks. Follow me on Instagram to see the outcome of me using all of my M&S treats. Ciao for now x


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