Hey guys! Welcome back. I’ve been slightly absent from posting and have now resumed regular posts and yummy food videos for you to enjoy!

It’s World Vegan Month. It’s only my second but boy oh boy am I excited about it. Over the month I will be doing collabs, product reviews, recipes and all manner of food related things so nothing new really. I’ve had such a fantastic vegan journey from meeting new people, becoming part of an ever growing community and just doing whatever little bit that I can to help bring about change about the way people eat, animal consumption and the cruelty behind it that needs to stop.

We all have our own way of sharing our love for veganism whether it be activism, protests or whatever your preference is. I like to think of my method as stealth mind inception Jedi stomach takeover. Basically, I won’t tell you how easy veganism is I will show you via your tastebuds, eyeballs & stomach.

I would like to give back a little and whist I cannot personally put my hand in my pocket and treat you to all the goodies I would like, I have kindly asked a few companies to work with me to bring a few lucky winners via competitions, giveaways and such a few gifts. So for the rest of the month you’re going to have to watch my social networks (YouTube London Afro Vegan Recipes & London Afro Vegan Vlogs, Instagram, here on the blog, Twitter & Facebook) for ways on how you can win some of the goodies I have lined up for you. All giveaways are UK based. There will be international giveaways in the future.

So as per usual I’m chatting away. The first giveaway is from Good Full Stop who make the most delicious fruit and nut based snack bars. I was given the opportunity to first try them when the lovely Caro contacted me to ask if I wanted to try a few of the bars and let her know what I thought of them. Of course I said yes!

I collected a lovely assortment of bars at VegFest where my son took a particular liking to all the flavours especially the caffeine one and proceeded to bounce around the remainder of the day before falling asleep in the auditorium whilst a speak was being given.

I received one of each flavour including two new products in the pre-production testing stage so these were not branded. Funny enough at the time of writing this post I had tried the new flavours again (yes I tried them all previously at the show) and they are my absolute favs.  Mocha caffeine and my all time favourite Double Choc Chilli. Ok update…I tried the mint and Double Choc and LOVE them too!

There are so many fruit nut date type bars on the market so much so that you can end up both over and underwhelmed at the same time. However, I must say that I really like these & would happily purchase these to keep at home, in the car and in my bag for those times when I want something sweet or just to take the edge off until dinner. Great for silencing the rugrat too when he comes home demanding food and I don’t want to give him something that will ruin his appetite.

Definitely give theses a try you can purchase them Online  or at Holland & Barrett, Grape Tree and Infinity Foods. To be in with a chance of winning a taster pack of these bars you need to do the following:

  1. Ensure your following both me London Afro Vegan & Good Full Stop on Instagram (It will be checked & your account needs to be public).
  2. Tag a friend (or more) on my Instagram on the same picture as at the start of this blogpost that you would share your bars with adding the hashtag #GoodFullStopGiveaway & comment to let me know what your favourite three flavours are out of the range.

It’s that simple 1 winner will be announced on my IG page at 8:30pm (GMT) the following day. Good luck and feel free to tag your friends to get them to enter for more chances to win.





Product sample received for testing/review purposes. All views expressed are my own.

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