I’ve been asked before ‘How much do you spend on food it must be a lot?’ Ehhhh Neh! I wish that was the case. If I have extra money floating about I spend it all on food and going places with my rugrat aka my son. However, this is not the case so on most occasions I shop smart. How smart? I hear you ask. I can type forever so I’m just going to bullet point a few steps I go through and will follow this up with a mini series of tips.

  • I check what  already have and see what I can make with it. I then think what could I buy to add to it to make different meals.
  • I then look at what’s on offer in all the shops. The easiest way to do this is to go online and check at your favourite/regular/closest stores (all dependent on individual circumstances of course).
  • Depending on the time availability I will check all the stores online. I’ll just go to their sites and type in ‘vegan’. I will typically check Asda, Morrisions, Tesco, Sainsbury and if you know me I ALWAYS check Aldi & Lidl as a first point of call.
  • With the major stores I visit them less frequently dependent on their offers.
  • The main crux of my shopping is done at Lidl and Aldi. I’ve explained this in my videos but Aldi changes its vegetable/fruit offers (usually 6 items) every two weeks. It’s usually on a Monday (this has changed recently so check online beforehand).
  • Lidl changes it’s offers weekly on a Thursday.
  • I will (don’t laugh) go to Lidl on a Wednesday to take advantage of the offers and then go back on the Thursday to take advantage of the new offers.
  • You can check Lidl’s website to see the food offers that are coming the following week to allow you to plan out and budget meals.
  • You can only check the Aldi food offers online on the days the offer goes live. You can however pick up an in store leaflet in advance that will show you the next set of offers that are coming.
  • I like a balanced diet which consist mainly of veg, however, shopping in Lidl/Aldi can be limiting as you can’t always get everything you want/need. So I check the larger stores for offers on things such as pulses, vegan convenience food, body care etc.
  • Superdrugs has and excellent range of goods that are cruelty free and vegan (See my haul here).

I don’t want to bore you so that’s all for now, however, I will create a little series about my many shopping tips and bargain hunting ways. Please see my latest shopping haul below.



  1. Susie Turcotte
    February 7, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    Congratulations, Esme, on the Vegan Life spotlight!

    • Esme
      February 28, 2017 / 12:24 pm

      Thank you xXx

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