Hey guys Cauldron reached out to me to try out their new sweet ginger tofu as they are my go to tofu brand I jumped at the chance! I was invited to make a recipe and had all these grand ideas then I opened the pack and decided to keep it simple and using ingredients that most people have access to.

When I first saw the packet I assumed that the tofu came packaged with a separate sachet of marinade. How wrong was I the tofu is infused with actual real little pieces of garlic and ginger which I loved. It takes away the need to soak the tofu to as the flavour is already running through the tofu block.

The tofu is flavoured with ginger, garlic, sweet soy sauce and whole host of other ingredients which has given it a lovely brown hue. Public Service Announcement: Do not I repeat DO NOT throw away the marinade that it comes with. Put it aside to use later to carry through the flavour of the tofu in the dish.

Ok now to the recipe….sort of. Now here is where the dilemma set in I sat and studied the block. Seriously I did. Then I chopped off a slice you know for research purposes and it was delicious. So I pondered a bit more and thought the tofu actually doesn’t need a recipe. It’s perfect as it is. Yes I could of made a buddha bowl, special fried rice, cabbage wrap type thing but I wanted to make something so simple and easy to do that anyone could make. So here goes. I made self serve buffet dinner. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun and looks absolutely amazing. Ok so here goes….

I started off by selecting my favourite vegetables and those that would complement the idea that I had for the meal. I went for oyster mushrooms, baby carrots, baby courgettes and green beans. I prepped these in advance making it even easier and quick to prepare dinner later in the day.

I blanched the carrots and the beans to speed up the cooking process and then placed them in baking dishes. You can put everything on a single tray it just makes it easier my way to remove the individual items as they cook this way. I prepped the rest of the veg and placed in dishes. The tofu is slightly sweet so I didn’t want to go too sweet with the vegetables and flavoured them all differently.

Oyster mushrooms: I sprinkled these with a mixture of five spice powder and a little salt.

Baby carrots: I squeezed a little sweet lemon vinegar. I know it sounds crazy but it works against the natural sweetness of the carrots and complements the rest of the veg.

Baby courgettes: Just a little salt and garlic is enough for this beautiful veg especially the baby ones.

Green beans: I got a little bit creative here and added some Thai basil, fresh chilli and a tiny bit of palm sugar.

At this stage if you wish to have rice with the dish then put it on to cook now so it’s ready when the vegetables are down.

I then placed these all in the oven at gas mark 6 and left them to get on with checking back regularly. With this dish you can eat it hot or cold so the timings only matter if you wish to have it hot and good to go at the same time. Otherwise you just remove the individual vegetables once done and set aside.

Ok so now onto the tofu. I had two options  slice and bake the tofu with the rest of the ingredients or use a good quality non-stick pan and dry pan fry it. I went for the second option. I’ll explain why in a a bit. I gently browned the tofu on each side on a medium to high heat. Yes I ate a couple of slices it’s firm but not overly so. If you wanted a firmer texture you could press it further, however, this really isn’t needed.

What about the marinade I hear you say? Wait for it. I took the pan that I used to cook the tofu (do not wash it) and added a tiny amount of oil and then added some chopped spring onions and finally chopped peppers and then cooked them down until the onions were translucent. I then added the marinade and cooked for a further minute or so to combine all the flavours and cook it down. It’s not a thick marinade so I then mixed a little rice flour (corn flour or regular is just fine) with a tiny bit of water and added this to the marinade to thicken it. Turn on to a low heat until ready to serve and you’re good to go.

I made a quick baby cucumber pickled salad. All that was added was fine sliced sweet peppers, nori and pulse seaweed. I then added a little rice vinegar to add contrast to the sweet elements of the meal and to add a refreshing note. Sprinkle the carrots with black sesame seeds. As a finishing touch I added tiny bowls of chilli oil and pickled ginger (The same kind found in sushi).

You can see the lovely speckles of ginger and garlic throughout the tofu and I must say this is something that I could see myself buying and always having in the fridge for those quick go to meals. No needing to press and then season so most of the works done for you. The only hard work you need to do is deciding on what to make with this batboy! I’m so looking forward to making more recipes using the tofu and hope they  bring out more flavours in the range.

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