Yes I know how does someone accidentally order food?! Well I cannot remember when, however, a friend and I had popped to Kings Cross to go to Vegan cross aka SSOV London’s first boutique vegan store. On the way back to the train station and whilst my friend attempted to catch an injured pigeon I got talking to a man on a Riverfood sign up stand. I know it’s wrong but the only reason I stopped was to ask him if the squash he had on display was the infamous Spaghetti squash. I squealed with glee when he said yes and that I could have it if I signed up……..YES I SIGNED UP! I sometimes have zero shame and I had been after the squash forever. I must say it was worth it! Watch this video to see how it turned out.

I had no qualms in telling the gentleman that I would probably cancel down the line after giving it a try. I had previously used Abel & Cole for my deliveries. Yes I used to buy organic veg I know so posh of me lol! He said that was no problem…after looking at my finances I realised it wasn’t a viable cost to take on at the time. However, being the doughnut that I am I simply paused the orders instead of cancelling them all together as I thought I would sooner rather then later start the deliveries. So imagine my surprise when I received a payment notification email DUH! So I went into my account to cancel the order the day before it was due….Too late it had already been processed and would be with me the following day (29/9/16).

Due to delivery issues the package arrived in the afternoon delivery is usually very early & left in a safe spot if you’re not up or in. I was still surprised when my doorbell rang as I thought the order hadn’t gone through. There were no funds in the old account they attempted to debit. So yes I’ve received a vegetable box that I now need to pay for. Such is life & I do love my veg so I’m looking forward to trying it once I’ve paid for it! *Shame faced* Ok ok enough talky talky I’ve filmed the what’s in box which you’ll find below. Enjoy!

Box contents as described on Riverford Organic Farm’s website. I’ve put a very basic comparison list below complied from online store ordering. I wasn’t able to get an exact for exact match, however, I thought it would be nice just to give you a rough idea of the costs.


(prices checked online 1/10/16)
Potatoes 830g, Red Onions x5, Calabrese Broccoli x2, Swiss Chard 265g, Leeks x3, Mixed Peppers ES x2 & Chillies FR (free gift). £10.35


(prices checked online 1/10/16)
Baby Potatoes 750G £1.00, Red Onions x6 £1.00, Broccoli 300G x1 £1.00, No Swiss chard, Leeks 400G x3 £2.00, Sweet Pointed Peppers 180G £1.79 & No Organic Chillies.


(prices checked online 1/10/16)
Baby Salad Potatoes 750g £1.50, Red Onions 500g £1.00, Broccoli 300g £1.20, No Swiss Chard, Leeks 400g £2.00, Mixed Peppers x3 £2.50 (83p each) & No Organic Chillies.

Follow me on IG as I post almost everything I eat…well except for when I’ve eaten chips far too many times in one week. You’ll be able to keep track of all I do with my little goody box. Do you order your veg online & if you do where from & any recommendations?

Thanks for reading/watching!





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