Hi guys! My names Esme and I’m a vegan of colour. Ohhh I said it oh no I went there. I know the usual arguments about┬áspeciesism….Actually I tell a lie I tend to stay out of such things because I still can’t quite deal with, understand or comprehend all the labels and politics within vegansim. Then you have the dismissal, put down and/or straight out denial of any issues or problems you address only to be told you’re making a mountain out of a molehill if you dare mention anything other then ‘the animals’. To be honest this is a common theme throughout life as we all know. However, since going vegan I’ve seen it firsthand and it’s rampant throughout the vegan ‘Community’.

Quite frankly it’s a head turner (I wanted to say a naughty word to demonstrate my exact thoughts but one needs to be a lady on here). I therefore choose to go about my mission in my own way. I like the diversity in the different types of activist out on the scene some more visible and promoted then others, however, I don’t consider myself an activist to be honest. I’m just a vegan who wants to see a lot more people going vegan for their health, the planet, the animals and because it’s friggin amazing and life changing….well for me it is. I really don’t care how you get here just know there will be a seat at the table for you when you arrive as all (ok most) are welcome.

This is meant to be a quick post and I’ve ended up going on the mini verbals as I do. I am a vegan that fits into many groups Black, Woman, Mother, Blogger, Jamaican/Antiguan/British, Tall, ….okay I’m being facetious but the fact of the matter is I do belong to a minority in veganism. One that very often isn’t heard of or are sat at that back of the class until someone wants to pull any number of cards from the pack *Holds mouth and typing fingers then takes a breath*. That’s for a whole different blogpost.

Therefore, whilst my thing is showing the world that veganism is for everybody I have to make it known that I really want to connect with my community, my friends, my family. I need to show them that yes many of us grew up with traditions set in stone from way way way back before any of us were even twinkles in our parents eyes. Many of these traditions have served us so well especially when it came from a time of survival and necessity but times have changed ok not all for the better but that doesn’t mean we can’t progress and move forward. I know there are so many factors involved and that it’s not simply a case of going veganism is great, it’s cheap, everyone can afford it. As that is complete and utter vegan bullpoop.

Therefore, I was absolutely delighted to discover via the wonders of social media that a documentary has just been premiered in the US called ‘The Invisable Vegan’. The Invisible Vegan is a 90 minute independent documentary that looks at the problems of the dietary patterns in the African- American community. Most of my readership is in the UK, however, this still relates to us on this side of the pond. It features Jasmine Leyva, Cedric the Entertainer, John Salley, Stic of Dead Prez and Tracye McQuirter. I for one cannot wait to watch the documentary in full! There are documentaries coming are out so regularly and I just love the fact that it’s covering all angles and meaning more people can be reached and educated. Have a look see at the trailer below & I share as soon as I find out any more info about it coming over to the UK.






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This post was written quickly on my way out as I feel it's something that people need to know about and spread the word. However, coupled with no sleep and dyslexia there more than likely will be a few... ok many errors but bare with me. As long as I get my point across that will do for now.

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  1. Tamyra
    July 19, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    When will the full doc be out ?

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