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OK the Just V Show isn’t a strictly vegan event it’s a combination of vegetarian and vegan food, drink, free from and lifestyle products. So approach with caution when fluttering from stand to stand trying all the goodies and make sure they’re suitable before you start nibbling away. I even recall seeing meat products last time so you’ve been warned. This year there are beef burgers and fish/chips being cooked on site…[pullquote-left] I even recall seeing meat products last time so you’ve been warned. This year there are beef burgers and fish/chips being cooked on site…[/pullquote-left]


I first attended last year and was a little miffed when I realised it was a bit of a mixed bag until I found my way around and found a myriad of wonderful food, drinks and products. Attending on the last day towards the end of the show meant we barely managed to walk out the front door we were so weighed down with bags upon bags of discounted goods and freebies. Now whilst going at the end of the day is great it can mean you miss out on trying lots of products or even worse that all the good products have sold out. So plan well especially if you’re like me and find it slightly annoying when travelling with mini people because others ruthlessly knock/push them out of the way in a attempt to to get to the holy grail of freebies! People were there yesterday with suitcases and trolleys just for the purpose of getting freebies! ¬†You may want to bring extra recruits with you to protect your little ones or if they’re still in their pushchair/buggies you may find this a safer more comforting mode of transport for them!


Now I’m touching base on the companies that definitely have vegan food…many of which I recommend so if you get a chance to check them out please do you won’t be disappointed. Ok in no particular order aka I just went and spoke to people to make it easier for you as there is no definitive vegan food exhibitor listing which is most unfortunate. There are loads of other companies there, however, I wanted to give you a heads up on some of the foodie related ones.

If you’ve attended or are due to attend do let me know what you thought and all the wonderful food and bargains you found. Here’s a little round up of the goodies I picked up. I had to run from the event to do the school run and get back out the door again to get my son to karate so was a sweaty betty so apologies but such is life and I hope you enjoy my little round up.

A few final hints, tips and recommendations!

You HAVE to try the cheese from the Nutcrafter Creamery it was actually mind blowing like W.O.W mind blowing!

If you’ve watched the video VIOLIFE IS LIFE and you need to go and buy all that you want to try as we all know it can be a little difficult getting the entire range in store.

Bring a cooler bag with you for products such as the cheese etc. You get a free mini cooler bag when you purchase to product at the Linda McCartney stand which is quite handy.

Global Fusions do the best value for money with their cakes *Stops typing to grab a slice of rum cake*

The Vegan society is running a competition were you can win free a goodie bag see stand for details

The Temple of Seitan have a fantastic competition on check the stand for details

Sgaia Mheats do the most amazing artisan products that you need to try

You will not believe that the product on the Oumph are vegan and they were playing the best music…well depending on your tastes lol!

There’s not loads but there is quite enough/new products especially considering the tickets were free.

There are loads of other little things but after a while being pushed out the way and wanting to have words with people, carrying a massive camera and about 6 shopping bags I had to give up taking pictures, smile and all my yummies and go home and collect my son. Sorry I couldn’t get back to or chat with all the vendors but there is always next year when I’ll be armed with a trolley, minders and a tiny camera! Saturday and Sunday is going to be B.U.S.Y so get there early and be prepared.

Just V Show
Olympia Grand
Hammersmith Road
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  1. July 8, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    Love this! Thanks for the tips Esme. Was there Friday but missed so much so looking forward to going EARLY tomorrow!

    • Esme
      July 13, 2017 / 9:12 am

      It was so crazy lesson learnt for next year I’m going prepared!

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