Welcome to my little space on the inter web. London Afro Vegan crew from a food obsession when I realised how amazing a vegan diet is. I’m constantly amazed at the amazing food that can be and is eaten when vegan. I share recipes, hauls, fashion, offers, events and anything that I believe will be of interest to vegans, vegetarians, vegan curious whoever really. I post primarily to Instagram followed by YouTube which is reflected in my subscriber/follower count. I like to interact with my followers and share things in an organic manner that I feel are relevant and/or of benefit to them.
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Last updated: June 2017
Sponsored/Collaborative/Featured Content/Recipe Development   – I’m happy to have sponsored, collaborative and featured content, however, I have to ensure that it fits in with my brand, ethics & way of working. I will not take on any work for the sake of doing so & it will need to fit in with my way of working from an organic & unforced way. Please let me know in the contact form that you require a media pack which I will gladly forward to you.

Samples/PR Samples/Product Testing-Features/Reviews – Is it vegan, vegan friendly, cruelty free & ethical? Then please feel free to forward it to my PO Box as detailed below. Please drop me and email to confirm when any goods/products are sent. Please note all items are gratefully received with thanks if you however wish to work on a collaboration/sponsored post please ensure that you request a media pack and this will be forwarded to you. I receive a great deal of requests and have had to turn down number as they are not mutually beneficial. Whilst I will do all that I can to help small/new business there are costs to be met in running and up keeping the standard of work that I do across my social media platforms. I’m happy to receive gifted good, however, this will be in return for payment or of a nature that is beneficial to my blog/work. If you are a new start up, brand, company please do still get in touch as there are many ways that we can work together that is mutually beneficial.

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If it is a time sensitive item like a fresh food product please let me know so alternative arrangements can me made.


All forms of partnership, collaborations etc will be clearly shown within or at the end of any posts/work completed.

Writing commissions, invitations to speak, attending events, Travel, PA, food work, TV & Youtube commission
I accept commissions to write for others on my social networks or elsewhere. I’ve written a sponsored post  for Tesco Foods and feature at various events see press, media and events in the menu above  information & to see my work. I’m open to working with brands in conjuction with my youtube channel, Instagram etc as well as collaborating with fellow youtubers in original and engaging projects. If you would like to get in touch you can contact me on londonafrovegan@gmail.com