Due to behaviour that can only be described as ‘DUUUUH’ my website host managed to delete my blog. I could’ve had a mini tantrum/breakdown/chocolate eating session, however, I decided to put on my big girl underwear and do what had been long overdue. I’ve started my blog all over again with more direction and understanding of where I want to take it and you.

I want to add a little more to the mix so as well as doing my regular recipe videos and shopping hauls I shall start doing more vlogs of this, that and whatever else I feel maybe of interest to people other than me.

I love writing as many of my Instagram followers have had the chance to find out so will start doing more of that on here. Just remember I like to sometimes work off the cuff and I’m dyslexic big time so you may have to squint and just kindly bypass some of my fragrant disregards for spelling and/or grammar. The blog is a little empty at the moment but don’t worry lots to come soon.

I aim to post every Wednesday (YouTube recipes/hauls) & Saturday (Vlog, Blog) (sometimes more). Please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date with my latest posts, giveaways & competitions.

Ciao for now.


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