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  1. Lee says:

    Loved this article 🙂 Indeed it is most important that you find your own routine first and then focus on choosing the products. For me, less is more, both with ingredients and number of products. I chose EvolveBeauty for my skincare because is all vegan, organic and UK brand, locally made. It might seem expensive, but honestly, you only need a tiny amount of product (both face serum and cream) to have truly awesome skin. I bought a daily face cream there and it’s not even halfway and I’ve been using it for 6 months now, everyday on my face and neck :p The zero-chemicals are a bonus!
    Lush is also cool and vegan but it does have some chemicals, although not too much I guess. I would suggest taking a peek at where you can search for vegan products easily and they have both high end and cheaper products 🙂 Contentbeauty is also a great site.
    Most of all, for me, is best to buy a few staple products that are effective/vegan/natural, once in a while and pay a bit more than to end up buying several others that are truly not that great in the long run. ATM I shower with products from (they have bundle packages and it also lasts a long time) and then use the serum and cream from Evolve. As a treat I like the Evolve cacao mask or the BodyShop vegan masks (the goji berry one is great).
    Hope I could help somehow!

    • Esme Esme says:

      Sorry Lee for the late response and THANK YOU so much for taking the time to give me so much information/tips. The products I’ve brought have served me so well….still not quite being a good girl and following a routine but I’ve seen great improvements. My skin can be a little naughty so I’m definetly going to look into all the information you’ve given me and work towards a more natural route x

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