Well if you’ve not heard of Temple of Seitan WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Run by Rebecca & her husband Pat they first started off selling on a stall in Brick Lane, East London and events up and down the country. I visited them at Brick Lane and within moments of arriving there were massive queues and they had sold out the same thing also happened at the food market held by Sean of Fat Gay Vegan fame last December. There were hundreds of people in the queue and they sold out within a matter of hours. So to say they are loved is an understatement.

What is it like? I loved it! It’s a fried junk food vegan takeaway. You get fried food, salty food, mac ‘n cheese and fizzy pop! What more could you ask for? You need to go and try it for yourself and just enjoy the experience. Will I be going back…Oh most definitely all that’s needed is a dessert…I’m thinking an array of cheesecakes to finish off what is a perfect junk food meal.

How much is it? Whilst not cheap you’re looking at spending just under a tenner for a chicken main (£6), chips (£2) and a drink (Karma Cola £1.50). If you fancy a few more sides or dishes you will easily be spending a minimum of £14. I’ve been very vocal in the high cost of vegan food, however, it’s not something you would need or want to eat all the time so as a treat meal it’s fine.

A few folk have complained about the branding/name of the company saying it’s offensive to particular religious groups. That’s down to the individual to decide if they find it offensive or not and if they want to attend. I won’t spoil it but you will so have a chuckle when you see what the store is located next to. Even more amusing is the looks of the locals which is a mixture of complete confusion and bemusement at the crowds, concept and the fact that it’s vegan ‘chicken’. I had to explain to one lady whilst queuing that it’s not meat…she then asked if it’s fish. I explained no it has NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS after which she told another lady to go to the Caribbean shop to get some real chicken! You can’t make this stuff up but I love that discussions are being had and people are getting to understand firsthand what veganism is and more importantly what it isn’t. I heard on the grapevine that a new menu is in development. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Another win for #TeamVegan with all that finger licking #VFC goodness.

Wednesday to Sunday 12-8pm


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