What is  #FoodLoveStories, brought to you by Tesco all about? At first to me and many others it was a series of nicely made easy healthy recipe ideas. None of which were 100% up my street not because they didn’t look amazing or weren’t really good ideas but because I’m one of those people. Yes I am a vegan (sorry we do like to be dramatic sometimes) so I continued on with my life impressed but not interested enough to delve further.

That was until I heard the words ‘Plant based cooking is about celebration…’ Sorry what was that? Had I heard right? It was at that point I sat up and paid attention. What was this? A mainstream supermarket chain with a fully plant based video and recipe I could resonate with. At first I hadn’t realised there was a recipe connected with the advert. I was just surprised and instantly impressed that Tesco was understanding, catering for and actually supporting veganism in this medium. At present I read articles almost every other day disregarding veganism as a ‘trend’ so this was deeply refreshing and had me smiling at the screen. You can watch the video below.

When I went vegan (almost two years ago) I would walk into Tesco and then walk out again in a massive huff, some pitta bread and a trusty tub of humous. Now whilst the love affair with humous and bread is real it is not a sustainable mainstay of any diet vegan or not. There are so many different aspects to veganism and the different dietary needs that people have within it. Yes we can go into practically any shop and buy vegetables, fruits and the usual vegan fodder. However, that isn’t enough. I cook daily and I love it but sometimes just sometimes I want a little help, inspiration or I just sometimes I want a little help, inspiration or I just  want something that I can just chuck in the oven want something that I can just chuck in the oven and be done with. I also do not want to have to travel to 6 yes 6 different shops to get what I need just to make a simple meal.

I was so chuffed when I was invited by Tesco to try Derek’s BBQ ‘Shroom Buns recipe. I live close to my local Tesco superstore and pop there regularly as I shop little and often to get fresh veg and take advantage of all the weekly offers and share any new vegan finds (there are loads) on IG so everyone can try them too! My branch have a display stand and recipe sheets with all the ingredients to make the Food Love Series recipes. I loved the simplicity of the recipe and thought it would be nice change to follow and try someone else’s vision and idea. As much as I love cooking it’s so much fun to try other peoples recipes and styles of cooking for further inspiration.

I popped into store picking up a recipe leaflet as I went in. I didn’t need to as you can also click a link on the recipe page that allows you to shop the ingredients needed online for delivery/collection or text yourself the ingredients so you don’t forget anything.  I wasn’t sure that the rolls included in the recipe were vegan so I called customer services to double check. Due to the factory/machinery that they’re produced in they cannot be labeled as vegan however, I was assured that they were 100% vegan and I happily continued on my way. You can check the latest Tesco Own Brand Food Products | Suitable for Vegans (Please do not use this list after End May 2017) The total cost for all my ingredients came to £9.97, however, I’m sure many people will have a number of the ingredients already in their pantry/fridge bringing down the cost even further. Considering it will make 4 well portioned rolls this is not bad going at all. I was well pleased to be able to pick up everything on my list even more so that they were all fresh into store that day and of the nicest quality.  Once I got home I couldn’t wait to get cooking!

Please find the link to the recipe here. Whilst I go ahead and start making these badboys!

Please find the full recipe here

I took loads of pictures so you could see the stages in making it. What I really loved about this recipe was whilst it was a simple recipe it was so much FUN! I enjoyed making and loved that I learned a few new techniques in the process. This is is also a recipe that you could happily make with children, family or whoever wanted to get involved. Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think.

Ok now the all important question is…Did it taste good? I love food and always like to go in with no judgement before trying something new. I thought it would just be a run of the mill barbecue mushroom roll. So I was most pleasantly surprised at the flavour pay off for what was a recipe with widely available, low cost and healthy ingredients. It really doesn’t have to cost the world or be complicated to make a nice quick tasty meal. My son doesn’t like mushrooms but we have an agreement if it’s good for you….then you have to eat it. It’s working so far but I’m expecting further negotiations as he gets older. Back to the point HE LOVED THEM! I accidentally left a chilli in his. I apologised and he responded ‘It’s ok it tasted so good and was just a chilli’ (Proud mummy moment).  Sorry more capitals now I LOVED IT! The flavours were lovely and well balanced. I don’t typically cook with fresh rosemary so it was great seeing how to incorporate it into this recipe. I could go on and on but you really need to try it for yourself and let me know what you think. A massive thank you to Tesco for inviting me to try out the recipe and an even bigger thank you for the amazing vegan range that seems to be growing almost weekly with loads of new products & special offers.

Check out the Tesco Real food website for LOADS more VEGAN RECIPES.

*This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.




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