So I decided to pop to Herne Hill to visit the market held there every Sunday. With family in the area I asked one of my siblings if he wanted to come down and like me when there’s food involved he was onboard. It’s Sunday and I’m sure with it being a holiday weekend everyone is in chill mode so this is a picture blogpost with the odd narration from moi.


288 Milkwood Road,
Herne Hill, SE24 0EZ

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Monday-Friday: 7.30am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-7pm

Everything is V.E.G.A.N MENU

I love the location and the setting. It’s right near Brockwell Park with loads of transportation immediately around it. I can see many a lazy weekend just potting around between here the Sunday market and the park.

The staff were all lovely, friendly and attentive. The customers…well I will keep this short and sweet. Most were lovely including the gorgeous lil French bulldog that I could have happily have taken home. The few bad eggs need to realise that number 1 Brixton/Herne Hill even with all the gentrification is a mixed area where everyone likes to mix in together socialise and live good. No one owns any particular type of eatery, veganism or anything that they care to categorise as being  for the select few whoever they are. Good food & veganism are for EVERYBODY. *Steps off soapbox* to be continued…

Anyways the food taking into account this was my first time going….I LOVED IT! I used to always be the one shouting ‘WHY IS VEGAN FOOD SO EXPENSIVE’…however, after getting to understand the food business more and seeing all the hard work that all these food providers put in be it a big company or an independent start up I actually get it now. I thought the prices were decent and once I tasted the food I felt the prices reflected the quality! Think I’ll stick to water mind you as the juices are not so budget friendly. See I cannot actually stick to a few words never mind.

…I couldn’t leave without grabbing a little something sweet so grabbed a brownie…it was delicious!

I’m so glad that more and more vegan eateries are coming south of the river. The choice and variety is growing all the time and I just cannot wait to see what comes next. Check back soon for a gem of a market found in the same area. I’ll do a more in depth taste test review the next time I go. Now time to relax and think about what I’m going to eat the next time I go there!



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