I try and let you guys know of all the fun events coming up this one included. So if you weren’t there YOU MISSED OUT! I was invited down to the The Omni Collective vegan brunch club by Jess and George to try out their surprise themed brunch club (you find out what’s on the menu when you get there). I went along with my vegan partner in crime and we hot footed it down to Hackney Wick which was a really easy and uneventful journey from South to East London. You guys know I like to type so I will stop and just ask that you look at the following pictures with the most beautiful mood lighting and just bask in the glory of loads of beautiful food & drinks.

My friend doesn’t like alcohol so opted for a virgin Bloody Mary. I have no problem with alcohol I just don’t drink loads of it. I also know I do not like tomato juice as a beverage no matter what you add to it. My friend after much pleading got me to try it. Others may like it but it almost ended our friendship! I had a *jumps on google*. That’s it I had a mimosa and it was lovely no it was LUSH!

When these badboys came out we looked at each other like what are those. I hadn’t checked the menu as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I tried one after attempting to take 56 or so pictures. Trying to remember I’m in public I cut up a piece of the mango and well I ended up having a mouth party! Obviously I need to get out more as my friend said they eat this stuff in Sri Lanka all the time no biggie. No biggie? I was sat there trying to figure out why I was tasting the most succulent mango pieces with what tasted like a combination of salt, lime and popcorn. Yes my tastebuds were confused. My god I want a massive bowl full now!

Note to self…..licking the rims of glasses in public is never cute or a good idea. Second note to self….I don’t care! This was a lush margarita (yes before posting this beauty to IG I had to google the spelling before telling folk I was drinking a pizza). I’m not actually sure if I’ve drank one of theses before…I must of at some point but it was lovely! I was offered more drinks but hands up if you’re a lightweight that can get sozzled on mouthwash *Hand shoots up* so I knew to just stick to water thereafter.

These taquitos were just divine. No fancy pants talk here. It was the perfect amount. It tasted amazing. Everything  worked together so well and it was perfectly balanced and flavoured. It’s very easy to make tried and tested recipes the same old same old everywhere you go but I think this was the standout part of the meal….which is actually a lie as every part was!

We finally went and grabbed a menu from one of the other tables. The popcornylimesaltedsweet stuff had a name Salsa En Polvo and I cannot wait to get some and eat myself into a mango stupor. Hmmm I wonder what else it goes with?

Oh the grand finale just the sexiest churros coated in a blanket  of cinnamon sugar….Can you tell I was falling in love with the final course too! Oh they were delightful they had a beautiful crunch which gave way with very little convincing to delightful fluffy clouds of yumminess inside. You know when you’ve just signed yourself up to every brunch club they hold! Follow The Omni Collective to be kept up to date when the next brunch is…..

Oh did I mention that they have a residency The Yard in Hackney Wick until December and you can taste their food all week. Ha ha yes I saved the best to last. Check their IG for all the amazing food they make the brunch club  was just a taster of what they can do. What’s the first rule of The Omni Collective Brunch Club? Tell everyone about it and get down there. Believe the hype it’s real!





1 Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN, UK

*Food gratefully received for review purposes all opinions & greed my own.


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