Guy’s I’m sure you know the pattern by now if I like something I eat I will rave about it! If I l.o.v.e somewhere you will see me going there often (vegan food budget permitting) with numerous posts on social media to follow! Well I have another favourite to add to my recommended list…Who’s on my list? Anyone here on my little blog!

What The Pitta have opened their second eatery in Boxpark Croydon (Open 11:30 – 9pm Sun-Wed/11:30 – 23:00 Thu – Sat) after the runaway success of their first permanent location at The Pump, Shorditch (Open 11:30-23:00 Daily). I was *invited down to try their wares during their opening weekend after attempting to visit them on numerous occasions in Shorditch. The fact they’re in my area is just well in a word HEAVEN! I was well chuffed that along with Cookdaily there were vegans EVERYWHERE!

The lentil soup was delicious it was rich but not in that sickly I can’t eat anything way. It had that lovely warmth and flavour that translated to a nice warm hug for your stomach. The lovely little citrus notes running through it gave it a nice finish and had us ready for our mains!

If I tried to pronounce what this beautiful Turkish pizza is called you’d think I had bit my tongue! It’s called lahmacun and is a thinly rolled crispy dough topped with a delicious tomato base with nicely balanced herbs and spices and  all the salads! I forgot to ask for those sexy green hot peppers (note to self next time). This is a meal in itself nice and filling without that heavy I’ve eaten my bodyweight in dough feeling.

I love salad kebabs and I’m sure ‘those’ vegans and non-vegans alike are in unison screaming ‘But why do you want to eat something that looks and taste like animals?’. To put it simply because we can and it taste nice! Geddit? Good so we can can move on. I love no LOVE salad kebabs and love nothing more then tucking into one with all the trimmings. However, it’s nice to be able to switch it up and go for the full works! Lovely seasoned soya chunks that even have lil chargrilled edges, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, cucumber and all the works. For those that haven’t tried a kebab before may just think hmmm nice. To those that experienced the delight pre-vegan that a kebab can bring will look back in nostalgia and be delighted that they can take part in the ritual that is trying to get your chops around the kebab, pulling out too much filling, trying to get the bits of salad hanging from the corners of your mouth in without looking like you’re a vegan going savage mode on salad.

I’ve not had Baklava since going vegan so the fact that I got to finish my meal with a juicy sweet slice of syrup soaked heaven was just the cherry on what was a delightful meal! Sorry there’s no pic of the dessert but yeah I looked at it and before I knew it I had wolfed it down…and then ‘borrowed’ my son’s!

Cem, Roj & the whole team are just so friendly, kind and fab and just made the whole experience lovely! So yes go and try everything. Keep a look out to as there are sometimes offers on groupon/facebook that allow you to take advantage of great little deals. I for one cannot wait to go back. Oh just putting it out to the universe and vegan food gods since Cookdaily’s food is also bae I would love to see a collaboration crossover meal between the two places as I know it would be foodie heaven! Until next time x

*Disclaimer: Food kindly provided by What The Pitta. All views are my own


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