Hey thank you for checking out my blog. I’m always happy to work with companies/people that are vegan/vegan friendly, cruelty free and have ethical values. There are a number of ways we can work together that I’ve briefly covered below.

Recipe Development – I’m always cooking and looking for new products to try & play around with. I also love taking well established recipes & finding ways to make them my own and put my own spin on them. If you’ve any recipes you’d like to collaborate on, develop etc please let me know!

Featured Content – I’m happy to have featured content, however, I have to ensure that it fits in with my brand, ethics & way of working. I will not take on any work for the sake of doing so & it will need to fit in with my way of working from an organic & unforced way.

Product Testing – Is it vegan, vegan friendly, cruelty free & ethical? Then please feel free to forward it to my PO Box as detailed below. Please drop me and email to confirm when any goods/products are sent.

Esme Carr
London Afro Vegan
Suite 26
The Mall
2 North End

Giveaways – I love being able to host giveaways as it allows me to giveback to my readers whilst showcasing & bringing exposure to brands they may not have been aware of.

Reviews – I love doing reviews especially food related ones. I like to get a feel for products & will try them out extensively to enable me to give a full, frank & honest review/feedback. Even if something is not to my liking I still like to share the experience to allow people to draw their own conclusions/opinions.

Other – Just fill in the form below & I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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